Taking a closer look.

Lach & Bruns Partnership (consulting chemists) was founded in 2005. Lach & Bruns understand themselves as competent advisors in the field of »food quality« and »food safety«.

The Lach & Bruns partnership does not perceive itself as »consultants« in the classic way, but it considers itself to be »implementers«.

We are stimulated by our interests, our curiosity and our openness. The fundamental and compelling values defining the Lach & Bruns Partnership are fairness, concern, respect and integrity. Our training and practical experience have shaped our vision.

Our services are supported by well-founded, comprehensive chemical and food science training and practical experience, the analytical approach typical for the natural science disciplines, an understanding of customer needs, outstanding task implementation skills as well as clear and unambiguous conclusions and recommendations.

The Lach & Bruns Partnership is an independent organisation. Independence paves the way to neutrality and towards a scientific, analytical approach and orientation. We are at your service and attend to your needs personally, true to our claim:
Taking a closer look.

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