Service portfolio

Product safety

  • Conducting supplier audits worldwide across the entire value chain: producing, processing and packaging companies worldwide
  • Special experience and know-how in the field of organic agriculture (no certification audits!)
  • Preparation and revision of monitoring plans (raw materials inspection, production checks)
  • Preparation and establishment of specifications (raw materials, semi-finished products, final products)


Statements / expert's opinions

  • Residue findings in (organic) food products
  • Residue findings in feed products
  • To distinguish between residues and contaminants
  • Evaluation and interpretation of complex (maximum) residue definitions
  • Toxicological Assessments / Evaluations
  • Aspects of food law
  • Labelling of food products
  • Nutrition declaration
  • „Novel Food“
  • ...

Analytical quality assurance

  • Conducting technical lab audits
  • Design, implementation and extensive evaluation of lab competency tests (announced or unannounced or also "undercover")
  • Evaluation of laboratories' competencies related to previously identified activities (audits and/or competence tests) both on behalf of laboratories themselves and on behalf of laboratories' clients (external verification) within the context of quality-improvement-activities
  • Development and realisation of the analytical-laboratory-quality-circle relana®

Training and seminars

Holding training sessions and seminars on the following topics:

  • Analytical quality assurance in practice
  • Analysis of pesticides and contaminants
  • Assessment and interpretation of analysis results also in reference to maximum levels and toxicological parameters
  • Basics of food law: National and EU law (guidelines, directives) relating to maximum levels, approvals, labelling, etc.
  • Preparation of monitoring plans and/or specifications
  • Staff coaching
  • Strategic/business consulting in the field of laboratory services and related issues